How to play a low or medium low hand pair

How to play a low or medium low hand pair

A couple is always one of the best starting games of Texas Holdem poker although it is quite complicated to play them, and even more to optimize the possibilities of taking advantage of them. You have to know that it is very difficult to defend a low pair , and in general, either you get the trio and you can win many chips, or nothing comes out, and having higher cards to your partner it will be almost impossible to defend your hand and you will have Than throw it away. That is why it is very important to know how to play it, defend it, and optimize it in the event that the trio or the full one comes out.

Texas Holdem

In Texas Hold’em a low or medium low pair is also perhaps the hand that is usually played more differently depending on whether you play in a tournament or in Cash Game . The main difference between the two modalities is that in an advanced stage of the tournament, in a borderline situation, almost any couple can be a reason for all-in pre-flop if you think you are facing two high cards (eg AS – K). Although we are going to focus here mainly on Cash Game , where your way of playing it is in any case different from what we have just proposed.

At a Cash Game table, if you have a low starting partner, obviously there are several ways to play it, but you have to secure certain points:

The first thing you have to do is protect your hand . This will depend on each game situation. Thus, if the hand has reached you clean, that is to say without any previous raise, it is preferable to put a small rise to throw the players with mediocre hands and that few enter, only one, or even at least be able to collect the blinds. Thus, it is best to play either one on one (against a single player) where at least you will normally have a 50% chance of winning if you play well, or on the contrary, that the largest number of players enter the game. hand. In the latter case you will have to wait for the trio to come out on the flop, and so the more players there are, the more likely you are to have an opponent who has taken something too and who follows you in the bets.

Indeed you do not control at all how many players are likely to enter each hand, hence you protect your hand differently according to each situation. In this way, if there has already been a previous raise, as long as it is not a high rise, in any case just pay only and do not submit since you are interested in seeing the flop, and if they did a resubidation you would have to throw your hand . In the same way, if several players have seen the bet before you without resubidas, it is not advisable to raise the bet, since if someone has played “slowplay”, it will re-raise you and you will not be able to pay. If climbs have already been chained, and the boat is high, it is preferable to throw your hand.

Low couples problem

The problem of the low couples is that if the flop does not leave the trio you are left in a situation of total defenselessness , since in any case, the rest of the players will have “two live cards”, that is to say that surely any match of Either of your two cards will be worth it to beat your partner.

In case you see the flop and your trio does not come out, what interests you most is that there are no bets and get “free” to the “showdown . ” In some cases you can even pay a bet if you are one on one and you think that Your opponent does not carry anything, especially if he has only bet on the river, but this will not give you any guarantee.

In the event that the trio comes out , there are many ways to play it, what you have to think about is how to get the most out of it while still protecting your hand . So, you must represent one play or another according to the common cards and what you think your opponent carries. In any case do not neglect to protect your hand with firm bets if you see any rival in some type of color project or ladder and you do not have the full. If you already have the full try to wait for a rival to take color or ladder to get more benefit .

Ultimately in Texas Holdem poker with low couples is usually an “all or nothing . ” Many times you will have to throw your hand if the trio has not left you, but when it comes out you can get a lot of benefit from your play.


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