Slowplay: The hidden strength European poker strategy in

Slowplay: The hidden strength European poker strategy in

In Slowplay poker means playing a hand with a trap and passively to hide the true potential of your hand, inviting your rivals to take the initiative .

It is essential to clarify that when we play Texas Holdem the slowplay game must be exceptional, and above all you should not play this way every time you have a good hand. If you keep the character exceptional, it will be much harder for your rivals to guess your game and therefore make this strategy useful.

What it is about with a slowplay strategy is not to get your rivals out of hand for making a bet that they will not match, and in parallel try to increase the pot in your favor by having them take the initiative and make the betting . In this way you must find the point of balance to not throw your opponents but increasing the pot.

In Texas Holdem poker we can divide the slowplay into two types:

The slowplay of start (preflop): it would consist of playing covered a great start hand paying the bet without raising it. The danger of this play is that the risk of losing the hand is increased as more players are invited to enter the hand and see the flop, which can be very dangerous. In this case you have to be aware of the risk this entails and be willing to throw your hand if the situation requires it. This “slowplay start” can be continued in the following rounds but would continue to multiply the risk in each new card and more if there are several players present at the table. Therefore, unless the flop has greatly improved your hand and you want to remain covered, it is advisable that you stop playing covered and raise the bet to at least discover the strength of your rivals.

The spontaneous slowplay ( postflop ): it would consist of having achieved a very good play with the community cards and deciding to play it covered. This also has its risks even if they are a little smaller since only one new card will be released in each round. You must still know that each letter is a new world, and that it is therefore very inadvisable to let go of new cards since the tortilla can be turned around at any time. In this way the more you continue in each phase the slowplay game, the greater the risk of losing your hand.

If we have said that playing slowplay involves undergoing additional risks , it can also be a way to win many more chips in case the play goes well. Playing slowplay involves keeping your opponents present in your hand, which makes the pot increase. If you show weakness by not betting or not raising the bet, you can also encourage your rivals to take the initiative with a minor play or even a bluff, and that will in any case give you a responsiveness. When you play Texas Holdem, use this strategy sparingly, without overusing and always limiting risks as much as possible.


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